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Always Say: Yes, Yes; No, No   versione testuale
His Holiness, in an address to the Synod, asked its members to talk to each other frankly, without taking into account human respect

For Pope Francis, the Bishops gathered for the Extraordinary Synod on the family must speak to the Assembly about their reality, and the related problems, with great honesty, respecting the fundamental general condition which is to "speak out."
In fact, in his intervention on Monday morning, during the First General Meeting of the Synod, the Pope asked everyone to always "say everything that, in the Lord, they feel needs to be said: without human respect, without timidity. And, at the same time, you should listen with humility and accept with an open heart what your brothers say. With these two attitudes synodality is exercised. For this—said Francis—I ask of you, please, these attitudes of brothers in the Lord: speak with frankness and listen with humility."
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