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Renewal of the Yes   versione testuale
The guidelines for the pastoral care for the separated and divorced "Santa Maria di Cana," promoted by the Archdiocese of Palermo

For eleven years now the course of pastoral care for the separated and divorced who are not remarried or cohabiting: "Santa Maria di Cana" has been promoted by the Office of family ministry of the Archdiocese of Palermo. The objectives of this course are personal rebuilding, forgiveness and the rediscovery of the commitments of the sacrament of marriage. Each year, a series of bimonthly meetings is organized that culminates in a retreat, where the participants of the course who wish to do so may renew their marital commitments. This ritual, written by Father Peter Sorci, professor of Liturgy in Palermo’s Department of theology, has been translated into English by the archdiocesan chancellor, Msgr. Giuseppe Oliveri. The guidelines for this pastoral care, which have led to the reunification of several couples and given serenity to those who were not able to heal the wounds of their marriage, are also the fruit of over a decade of work.
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