papa famiglie
2 Scouts and a Warm Meeting with the Pope   versione testuale
9:00 am - A wave of blue shirts is lined up to get in and hear the Pope's words; one enters carrying a stick, another doesn’t because he’s lost his, and yet another firmly holds on to hand of his companion so that he won’t get lost.
9:30 am - Beads of sweat now start running down everyone’s foreheads and, in the meantime, two groups from Rome arrive on their bicycles: "Say that this journey should be lived, and lived to the full."
While waiting, the most important scout and camp songs are sung: A Hawk, Color of the Sun, and the song of the 2015 National Route; but how is it possible to keep 80,000 scouts assembled on the hottest day in June?
10:50 am - Here comes the Pope in the car, driven around the rows of blue. There are people throwing scarves in the air; others just swirl them above their heads, because they’re too closed in by the crowd. Each one tries to let the Pope see that he or she is there, even if, seen from above, they’ll just look like a small blue dots.
11:10 am - "Dear friends of Agesci, good morning!" That’s how he begins speaking and addressing his message to all: "Associations like Agesci are an asset for the Catholic Church that the Holy Spirit has inspired; I therefore ask you to be able to dialogue, to build bridges to your neighbors."
These are the words that hit the mark. The Pope's invitation is to DIALOGUE, to speak; is this too simple? No, it's an act of true maturity, because dialoguing in fact means making one’s point of view clear to those who are listening. "Being able to talk," also implies "being able to listen and discuss;" to hear the other person’s opinion and confront it with one's own, until conciliation is reached. Pope Francis asked us to BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS, a metaphor that explains altruism and love of neighbor.
11:30 am – To conclude with a flourish, Pope Francis says goodbye to the 80,000 scouts with one of our famous phrases: "HAVE A GOOD TRIP, ALL OF YOU," and it is received by the same applause that broke out when he entered the square.
Matilde Bondurri and Federica Spera