papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 4. CHILDREN   versione testuale

Do you know since when your parents love you? They always have, since before you were born. And do you know why? Because, for them, you are an extraordinary, unique and unrepeatable gift.
When they look at you, their faces are radiant and full of joy.
Even before you did something good and nice to gain their affection, mom and dad already loved you. Being children means being free to be loved, just as God does with each of us.
However, speaking of the children, the Pope added another, equally beautiful idea: every time a baby is born, the future and hope of the parents and of all society reopen. In fact, every child is rooted in his parents, who he must never abandon or despise, but they must look toward the future together and allow everyone else to do the same. A city where few children are born is a sad city that has no hope.

God our Heavenly Father leaves each of us free but never leaves us on our own.
And if we err, He continues to follow us with patience, without abating his love for us.
Our Heavenly Father does not take steps back in his love for us, ever!
He always goes forward and if He cannot go forward
He waits for us, but He never goes backward;
He wants his children to be brave and take their steps forward.
The children, for their part, must not be afraid of the task of building a new world:
it is right for them to want to improve on what they have received!