papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 5. SIBLINGS   versione testuale

When Pope Francis wanted to speak of brothers and sisters, he read a Psalm in the Bible in which it says that it is good and pleasant for brothers to live together. And then he added that having a brother is a powerful, priceless and irreplaceable experience. If we think about it—although maybe sometimes we fight with our brothers and behave like Cain and Abel in the Bible—in fact, we cannot do without them and, if they are absent for even just a few days, we miss them a lot.
Living each day with our brothers and sisters, we learn what it means to make peace and to be free; we discover the beauty of being with people who are different and help each other, especially by supporting those who are smaller and weaker. Being brothers and sisters is so good that we would like all people in the world to live like that!

Christians, in fact, go to meet the poor and the weak not to obey an ideological programme, but because the word and the example of the Lord tell us that we are all brothers and sisters.
This is the principle of God’s love and of all justice among men.
I should like to suggest something: before concluding let us think of our brothers, our sisters, and from our heart let us pray in silence for them.