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An Open Door   versione testuale
St. Peter's has a door that is always closed and only opens every 25 years, in a big celebration called "Jubilee" that lasts a whole year. Pope Francis has opened it, although this is not the right year, because he wanted to shout to the world that the doors of the Lord’s love are wide open for all people, young and old. The Pope also said that we must open the doors of our homes and our cities, so that the message of mercy and forgiveness offered to us by Jesus really resonates everywhere. Therefore, before the door in Rome, the Pope went to Africa to open a door in a nation where a terrible war has been going on for years.
How can we open doors that are closed because of selfishness and indifference? Froehly, 9 years old, explains this very well in the drawing that he sent from France, where he lives: by holding hands!
(Send your drawing of the jubilee you have lived with your family too. You can ask your parents to send it to All the drawings will be put on our website)