papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 7. CHILDREN   versione testuale
Finally, Pope Francis also spoke about children!
Do you know what he said? That you are important, because you trust your mom and dad, and you're not afraid to depend on them. The Pope in fact likes very much the confidence with which you look at the world, the fact that you simply say what you think, your special ability (according to the Pope, grownups are no longer able) to smile and to cry, the tenderness that you give and receive.
Precisely because children are a precious gift for all people, Pope Francis has been very hard on those who reject and abandon children, with those who deny them food, a home and even schooling (when you don't feel like going to school, you should always remember the many children who cannot go to school and play with their friends). A society without children is, in the Pope's eyes, sad and gray!

God has no difficulty in making Himself understood by children,  
and children have no difficulty in understanding God.
Every child who is marginalized, abandoned, who lives on the street begging with every kind of trick, without schooling, without medical care, is a cry that rises up to God.
But none of these children are forgotten by the Father who is in heaven!
Not one of their tears is lost!