papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 9. Marriage   versione testuale
Do you know what the Pope thinks of two young people who get married at Church? They are brave!
Their trust in God's love for them and for everyone is so great that they to want to love one another in just the same way; one says to the other: "I want to love you as Jesus loves us." Although they are fragile, maybe young and inexperienced, they know that loving as Jesus did (faithfully, forever, in a life-giving way) is the secret of their love, a great mystery to be realized.
Jesus appreciated marriage so much, said the Pope, that he chose to accomplish his first miracle during a wedding celebration that was going to end badly. With Jesus, each of us, the Church and society, are all called to support and help couples in their life together, especially when there are problems and the children primarily are suffering. Let us daily entrust our parents, their love and our family to Jesus.

The route is well marked forever, it is the route of love:
to love as God loves, forever.
Dear brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to invite Jesus to your wedding feast, to invite Him to our home, that He may be with us and safeguard the family.
And we mustn’t be afraid to also invite his Mother Mary!