papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 11. Education   versione testuale

How good it is to have a father and a mother, who take you by the hand and accompany you in life! This makes it easier to obey them, even when they seem too demanding. Today, this is difficult: many parents come home only late at night; or they may even be separated and so there are fewer occasions to meet. The Pope, knowing this, has told all parents never to forget to help you to grow up.
Pope Francis went even further: he knows that you also have teachers, coaches, catechists and educators, who all teach you many beautiful things. However, he asked parents not to be afraid to be your first educators: you should look first of all to Mom and Dad, because they are the ones who really care most about your path and your soul. They will not disappoint you.

Children, obey your parents, this pleases God. And you parents, don’t provoke your children by asking of them things they can’t do.
Even the best families need support, and it takes a lot of patience to support one another! But such is life.
And this can only be done with love, tenderness and patience.