papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 12. Engagement   versione testuale
Do you think about fiancées who walk hand in hand in the street and sit on benches kissing? The Pope spoke about them too. He said that they are lucky because, by being together, day after day and with great patience they learn to know, to love and to surprise each other, and to build a life and a marriage together in Jesus' way.
Being seriously engaged is such a beautiful and intense experience that in the book of the prophet Hosea—the Pope recalled—engagement is the image used to describe the relationship between God and his people. On TV, two people move in together just because they like each other a little bit; and often they leave after a short time. But in real life, when we learn how to love one another as God loves us, being engaged means walking together along a beautiful, serious and demanding path. That's why the Pope asked everyone to pray for engaged couples. Do you want to do that too?

Engagement is a path of life that has to ripen like fruit; it is a way of maturing in love, until the moment it becomes marriage.
It is a beautiful endeavour, and love itself requires it, for it is not simply a matter of carefree happiness or enchanted emotion.