papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 13. Poverty   versione testuale

Pope Francis said one day that we should all be ashamed because of the poverty that affects a large number of families around the world, and God help us if we remain indifferent when we see, on TV, children who suffer from war and poverty. Lack of food, education, employment and health care are terrible facts. We must really be close to the poorest families; we must pray and act. Maybe you know a poor family to be entrusted to the Lord and help concretely.
However—the Pope added—even in a very bad situation, families do not give up, and they try to build a more beautiful and more human world. Moms and dads, parents and children, who love each other in the midst of hatred: there's a miracle that almost no one notices, and least of all those who are powerful in the world and often are only concerned about money and power. The family must absolutely not be forsaken in hard times.

Truly, war is the “mother of all poverty”, war impoverishes the family, a great predator of lives, souls and of the most sacred and beloved bonds.
Children already know that man does not live on bread alone! And as for family affection; when there is destitution children suffer because they want love, family ties.