papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 14. Illness   versione testuale

When a son or a grandfather is not well, everyone in the family is very worried and sad: we love him and we find it hard to see him suffer. However, when we are together, especially at times of illness, our union grows, and we help with greater availability. Even neighboring families come to the door offering their support. The Pope called this closeness of families "a caress of God."
Jesus teaches us how to behave with the sick: so many were always brought to him, and he healed them right away, without a lot of talking and reasoning—even if it was not the right day, according to the heads of the people, who criticized him for it. The Pope wants the whole Church and even the smallest of you to have this attitude; that's why he asked your parents to educate you to be attentive and close to those who suffer: in fact, someone who does not want to see and meet the sick soon finds himself with a withered heart.

So often for a father or a mother, it is more difficult to bear a son or daughter’s the pain than one’s own. The family, we can say, has always been the nearest “hospital”.
The love of Jesus was in giving health, doing good: this always takes priority!