papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 15. Death   versione testuale

When a child dies, or a mom or a dad does, something terrible happens. There is great sorrow; we're paralyzed and feel abandoned: "Where's my mother? Why don't I see her? When is she coming back?" Some even blame God. Pope Francis understands these reactions and says that, in these cases, we should not be afraid to cry, as Jesus did when his friend Lazarus died.
But this tremendous darkness, this black hole that opens up are not the last word. Jesus died and rose again: the light of Easter illuminates the darkness of death and defeats it. Love and hope are stronger than all sorrow and all evil; the Pope recalled this powerfully, and he invited us to become Jesus' accomplices, by daily doing what he did: love, hope and console.

The Lord has conquered death once and for all.
Our loved ones are not lost in the darkness of nothing:
hope assures us that they are in the good and strong hands of God.
Love is stronger than death.
All our loved ones who are gone, the Lord will give them back to us and we will be together with them.
This hope does not disappoint!