papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism 17. Holidays   versione testuale

Do you know who invented holidays? God did; after having created the whole world, He rested and looked at the many beautiful things that He had made. So, on holidays—the Pope explained—we should not lie on the couch all day or play like fools; but on those days we should recognize the many gifts that we have received (our family and friends) and be thankful for everything, even when perhaps something is not working right and we are a bit sad. In fact, celebrating itself really does us good!
That’s why Sunday is God's favorite day, when we remember together what Jesus has done for us and rediscover that we are free and not slaves of work, school or some other activity that risks taking up our whole life.
Pope Francis dedicated his last thought to the many children who are treated just like slaves, condemned to very hard and humiliating jobs, without even one days off. He said that this is a fact contrary to God.

How beautiful family celebrations are, they are beautiful! Sunday celebrations in particular.
It is surely no coincidence that celebrations which have room for the whole family are those that turn out the best!
Thus, celebration is a precious gift of God; a precious gift that God gave to the human family:
let’s not spoil it!