papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 18 Work   versione testuale

Watch mom and dad: how much time and energy they dedicate to work, in the office and at home, in factories or in the fields. They do it not only to sustain the entire family. They work hard and diligently because that is what honest and serious people, who have at heart the good of all, do. If you think only about money everything is ruined, and even work becomes an unbearable burden.
Pope Francis is very concerned about those who do not work: they risk losing their dignity and not living in harmony with God, their family, the whole world. When there is no work or it is done only for money, the covenant between God and men is broken, and likewise solidarity between people, the care for nature. Everything is polluted: the rivers and the hearts!

It makes me sad to see people without work, who don’t find work and don’t have the dignity of bringing bread home.
Work is sacred, work gives dignity to a family.
We have to pray that no family is left without work.
The beauty of the earth and the dignity of work were made to be united.
The two go together: the earth becomes beautiful when it is worked by man.