papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 19 Prayer   versione testuale

Prayer, says Pope Francis, is something that comes from the heart; it is a sign of warm love for God. It is the way to tell him that we love him, that we cherish his caresses that keep us alive, his closeness in every situation, and his love that protects us.
If mom and dad taught you, when you were little, to send a kiss to Jesus or to the Virgin Mary or to make the sign of the cross, they opened your hearts to the Holy Spirit, who makes us pray by calling God "Papa!".
This is why the Pope has recommended to all families that they find a moment for common prayer: this does not steal time away from the many things that have to be done, but it brings peace and joy, because we welcome Jesus among us and, with him, we entrust our whole life to the Father.

He thinks of us and above all he loves us! Isn’t that impressive?
Isn’t it impressive that God caresses us with the love of a father? It is so beautiful!
Prayer flows from listening to Jesus, from reading the Gospel.
Do not forget to read a passage of the Gospel every day.
Do we have the Gospel at home?
The Gospel read and meditated on as a family is like good bread that nourishes everyone’s heart.