papa famiglie
A Special Day   versione testuale
Saturday was a day a bit special: I got up at six in the morning, prepared myself, and I met my friends. Then, with the bus, we arrived in front of the Olympic Stadium, the one where Lazio's team plays; but we didn't go there to see a match! We walked to a church, where they explained what we had to do that day: simply take part in the Jubilee of the children!
The Jubilee is the event that Christians wait for the most; it's like when you wait for Christmas. During the Jubilee Year, thanks to the three basic signs (the passage through the Holy Door, Confession and the Eucharist), we obtain the indulgence, that is, the forgiveness of all the sins committed. It's like an opportunity to get a front row seat for Jesus' concert in Heaven!
To accomplish these three basic signs, we went to St. Peter's, and we have passed through the Holy Door which had been opened a little earlier—just imagine, this happens every 25 years. But Pope Francis called this year an extraordinary Jubilee of mercy, so we did not have to wait all those years to see it open!
Then we went to confession, and we also saw the Pope confessing other kids like us. To conclude a wonderful day, we went to a concert in the Olympic Stadium with many singers and many beautiful testimonies. It was a fantastic day, an unforgettable experience that has united us strongly, and I also wish you the possibility of living such an experience during the next Jubilee!