papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 21 Community   versione testuale
Jesus loved his family so much that, when he gathered the first disciples around himself, he wanted to re-create something very similar to it and formed the Church, a spiritual family, where we live as brothers and sisters. Then, fifty years ago, when all the bishops from around the world met in Rome to reflect together on their own Christian community, they wrote that the family is just like a small church.
We're really fortunate! The Pope teaches us that we have two houses in which to live together and experience the Lord's presence: the family and the parish. He wants both to keep their doors wide open to welcome everyone, so that nobody is excluded from the miracle of brotherhood.

In the Gospels, the assembly of Jesus takes the form of a family and of a hospitable family, not an exclusive, closed sect.
Yes, if we place ourselves in his hands, the Lord will work miracles for us — but they are miracles of every day life! — when the Lord is there, present in the family.