papa famiglie
Pope Francis' Catechism. 22. World   versione testuale

In his last catechism on the family, Pope Francis spoke to all men and women of the earth, to Christians and non-Christians alike. He said that we must live as one family, that we can and should love one another, just like a married couple does, or as brothers and sisters.
The Pope knows that this is often already difficult at home and then, even more so, among peoples and nations; but he reminded everyone that the Lord does not abandon his children, not even when they rebel against him. He always cares for us, supports us, and gives his Son to save us from the disease of sin, blessing us so that we can live together as one family. This is his project; this is his promise.

Christ, born of woman, is God’s gentle caress upon our wounds, upon our errors, upon our sins.
All those who feel moved by this vision, whatever people, nation or religion to which they may belong, let them take up the journey with us.
He and she will be our brother and sister.