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Starting with the Family   versione testuale
The new Bishop of Macao, Stephen Lee Bun-sang: "For a harmonious society, family and education of the young are essential"

The pastoral commitment "will start from the family and the education of young people, the key to a harmonious society," announced Msgr. Stephen Lee Bun-sang, the new Bishop of Macao, during the installation ceremony in his new diocese on January 23rd.
He told reporters that it is also important for Macao's Catholics to share Chinese values, and he cited the "Confucian Analects:" "Cultivating oneself, maintaining order in the family, governing the State and bringing peace to the world." "The Family and marriage, education and formation of the young, crucial for the well-being of society," are among his main commitments. In any case, he stressed, the Church should not be limited to politics: the most important thing is "to make love the starting point."
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