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The First Announcement is in the Family   versione testuale
During the Pentecost Vigil with the movements and associations, Pope Francis answered some questions

Responding to the first question, which asked how he was able to achieve the certainty of faith in his life, Pope Francis had this beautiful passage about the family.
«I had the good fortune of growing up in a family where faith was lived in a simple and concrete manner; but it was especially my grandmother—my father's mother—who marked my journey in faith. She was a woman who explained things to us, who spoke to us about Jesus, who taught us the Catechism. I always remember how on Good Friday, in the evening, she would take us to the candle-light procession, and that at the end of this procession the recumbent Christ arrived and my grandmother made us, us kids, kneel down; and she would say: “Look, He’s dead, but tomorrow he’ll Rise up!” I received my first Christian proclamation precisely from this woman, from my grandmother! That’s beautiful! The first proclamation takes place in the home, within the family! And this makes me think of the love of so many mothers and so many grandmothers in the transmission of the faith. They are the ones who transmit the faith. That’s also what was happening in early times, because Saint Paul said to Timothy: “I remember the faith of your mother and of your grandmother” (cfr. 2 Tm 1:5). To all the mothers who are here, to all the grandmothers: Think about this! Transmitting the faith. Since God puts people next to us, who help our journey of faith. We don’t find our faith in the abstract. No! There’s always a person who preaches, who tells us who Jesus is, who transmits the faith to us, who gives us the first announcement. And so, that was my first experience of faith».
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