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Our Daily Love   versione testuale
Relive the emotion of Valentine's Day with Pope Francis by watching the complete video on YouTube

"Give us this day our daily love" are the words that Pope Francis repeated on February 14th to over 25,000 participants at the encounter with engaged couples from around the world. That meeting, convoked by the Pope last year, was a historic event: although there will not be a similar event on next Valentine's Day, it is possible to relive that major meeting with the engaged on the web, thanks to the video on YouTube.
The video of the whole encounter, a very useful tool for meetings with engaged couples and marriage preparation courses, is available and has a menu that makes it possible to choose a specific moment of the Audience and the related topic.
The introduction: "It's Beautiful to Get Married in the Lord" includes the greeting of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family. The first part, on the theme "Love: A Story, Many Stories", presents the testimonies of several couples: Francesco and Stefania, Alessandra and Vito, Constance and Robert, and Fiorella and Andrea. Among the topics addressed by these couples are meeting and service, promises and projects, and the conversion to love.
The second part of the video, titled "Love: The Choice, the choices," proposes the testimonies of other couples, their questions to the Pope and Francis' answers: Alexia Maria and Nicolas, Valentina and Stefano, and Miriam and Marco successively conversed with the Pope. The menu also gives access to songs and lyrics: "Innamorarsi" from "Scusa se non ti chiamo più amore" by T. Cantelmi and M. Pensavalli; "Con passo felpato" and "Quando arrivano i…" by the comedian Gianpiero Perrone; "Datevi il cuore" from "The Prophet" by K. Gibran; "I love you madly" from "Doctor Zhivago" by B. Pasternak; and "This love" by J. Prévert.
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