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St. John Paul II's Song of Love is Back   versione testuale
In Rome, the director Antonio Tarallo has revitalized "The Jeweler's Shop," the famous play starring engaged couples that the then Archbishop of Krakow published in 1960

The difficult path that leads from dating to marriage is the theme of "The Jeweler's Shop," one of the plays written by Karol Wojtyla in his youth. This play is being staged in a new and original adaptation, in Rome by the director Antonio Tarallo. Two locations have been chosen to give life to the show: the first is the church of Gesu Divino Lavoratore, from 6 to 19 February, and the second is the church of Sant'Emerenziana, 13 February at 7:30 pm. In both cases, the play, interpreted in the churches, will involve the audience—through drama, dancing, live music and singing—in the love story, published in 1960 by the then Archbishop of Krakow, the future " Pope of the family."
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