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"My Wounded Syria"   versione testuale
Syrian Chronicles/2

An earnest prayer for peace, written by a young Syrian christian
O Jesus, my love and merciful Savior. I offer you this prayer springing from my weak heart and impure lips. I pray for “My Wounded Syria.”
Through your resurrection, I pray for all who are injured, for prisoners, survivors, for those displaced by conflict, for the sick, the poor, for the sorrowful and the deceased.
Send your Holy Spirit to enlighten leaders, presidents, politicians and all those who work for the spread of peace and of love in the world; that they may come to Syria’s speedy assistance and alleviate the suffering of its people.
I beseech you, O my Savior, to put an end to agony, to all missiles and rockets, to terror and murders, to destruction, to explosions and massacres. Let your will be done.
O my Lord, make me strong. Give be the grace to overcome fear, which overcame the disciples when they saw you walking on the water. Help me not to give into doubt, which took hold of Peter when you bid him came to you on the water. O God, help me keep awake in this time of prayer, that I may not fall in the abyss of sin.
You have given us the signs of your life-giving resurrection, and have wrought miracles and wonders by the ultimate sacrifice of yourself on the cross, the result of your sacred passion.
May love prevail, especially in those who have darkened hearts and minds, in order that they cease their wicked acts, and that my own country and the entire world may experience peace, love and stability.
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