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Holiness and the Family of Origin   versione testuale
Ilia Corsaro, Foundress of the Congregation of the Little Missionaries of the Eucharist (1897-1977)

The relationship with the family of origin gives a particular topical nuance to her personal experience: well-to-do, laical and anticlerical parents; conversion of the eldest brother, Italo, during his studies at the university; the successive conversion of the Servant of God herself, her call to consecrated life, and the foundation of the Little Missionaries; and, finally, even the conversion of the parents.
Her spirituality is characterized by contemplative love centered on the Eucharist and ardent missionary zeal, especially attentive to the poor and afflicted, as the workers were.
Her naturally impulsive personality was gradually disciplined, giving way to humility, prudence and balance; but it sometimes reemerged for the benefit of others, for example when she unhesitatingly stopped a spiritual retreat in order to avoid exposing her sisters to the deviant ideas of the preacher.
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