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Thursday 31st of may   versione testuale

Lectio divina
H. E. Card Angelo BAGNASCO [Italian]
Mr. and Mrs. MAURI [Italian]
Introduction by H. E. Mgr. Jean LAFFITTE 
III.Family and work today in the light of faith
H. E. Card. Dionigi TETTAMANZI [Italian]
IV.Family and work in today’s society: opportunity and risk
Prof. Pedro MORANDÈ COURT [Spanish]
9. Profession and family life – Varese
Speech by Mr. and Mrs. ZAMAGNI [Italian]
testimony by Burkhard LEFFERS [Deutsch]
testimony by Javier ZANETTI
testimony by Pierluigi MOLLA [Italian]
testimony by M. and Mrs. SCARPOLINI [Italian]
Chaired by Gianfranco FABI
10. Family and business: solidarity and development – Milan
Round table:
Esteban MOCTEZUMA [Spanish]
Andrea OLIVERO [Italian]
Chaired by Sergio BELARDINELLI
11. The sanctity of the family within the experience of workBrescia
Speech by Fulvio DE GIORGI [Italian]
testimony: Mr. and Mrs. SCARANO [Spanish]
testimony: Mr. and Mrs BARTHELEMY [French]
Chaired by Carlo e Maria Carla VOLPINI [Italian]
12. The aspirations of the youth and the future of work – Bergamo
 A discussion between youths and
H. E. Mgr. Giancarlo BREGANTINI [Italian]
Giuseppe DE RITA. [Italian]
Chaired by Nando PAGNONCELLI
13. The distinctiveness of the work of woman in the context of tradition and development – Pavia
Round table:
Irene LAUMENSKAITE [English]
Carla GE [Italian]
Enrica CHIAPPERO [Italian]
Chaired by Maria Assunta ZANETTI
4. Tourism in relation to hospitality, culture and family celebration – Como
Speech by Norberto TONINI [Italian]
Speech by Mr. and Mrs. MAGATTI [Italian]
Chaired by Marco DERIU
15. Rural families: the new agricultural challenges and accountability for creation – Lodi
Round table:
Enrico Maria TACCHI
Chaired by Lorenzo MORELLI
16. Work in urban society and the family – Milan
Round table: Gian Carlo BLANGIARDO [Italian]
Sister Alessandra SMERILLI [Italian]
Chaired by Aldo BONOMI.
17. Domestic personnel and family carers – Milan
Speech by Armando MONTEMARANO [Italian]
Testimony by Domitila CATARI TORRES
Testimony by Innocenza GREGIS [Italian]
Testimony by Nina KALUSKA [Italian]
Chaired by Antonia PAOLUZZI
18. Family, work and disabled Bosisio Parini
Speech by H. E. Mgr. Franco Giulio BRAMBILLA [Italian]
testimony:Santino STILLITANO [Italian]
testimony:Valentina BONAFEDE [Italian]
testimony:Abu John WANI [English]
Chaired by Luciano MOIA.
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