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Friday 1st of june   versione testuale

Introduction by H. E. Mgr. Erminio DE SCALZI [Italian]
V. Family and celebration, anthropology and faith
Prof. Blanca CASTILLA [Spanish]
VI. “Making the celebration holy”: the family and the Lord’s Day.
H. E. Card. Sean O’MALLEY [Italian]
H. E. Card. Ennio ANTONELLI [Italian]
19. The family Eucharist and the Lord’s Day - St. Ambrose
Speech by Enzo BIANCHI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
testimony: by Mr. and Mrs. SZNYTER [English] [French] [Italian] [Spanish]
testimony: by Mr. and Mrs SANCHEZ [Spanish] [French] [English] [Italian]
testimony: by Mr. and Mrs AGAGLIATI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Artistic visit by Rev Mons. Domenico SGUAITAMATTI
Chaired by Marco VERGOTTINI
20. Celebrating the Lord’s Day as a Family: family rituals and expressions -Catholic University
Speech by Josè GRANADOS [Spanish] [French] [Italian]
testimony: Mr. and Mrs. NEISER [Deutsch] [Spanish] [English] [Italian]
testimony Mr. and Mrs BENITEZ [Spanish] [French] [English] [Italian]
Chaired by Milena SANTERINI
21. Family Sunday: a time for communion and mission -Unione del Commercio
Round table: Mgr.Pietro SIGURANI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Mons. Olinto BALLARINI [Italian]
don Roko GLASNOVIĆ [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Chaired by don Antonio TORRESIN
22. The family and its need for spirituality: roles and experiences - St. Simpliciano
Round table: Mr. and Mrs.BOVANI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Mons. Carlo ROCCHETTA [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Mr. and Mrs. HARDI [French]
Chaired by Mr. and Mrs.COLZANI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
23. Adolescence and youth, celebration and free time - St. Antonio
Round table: Gustavo PIETROPOLLI CHARMET [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Alessandro D’AVENIA [Italian]
Chaired by Emanuela CONFALONIERI
24. Family and celebration in various countries around the world - St. Stefano
Speech by H. E. Mgr.ADOUKONOU [French]
testimony: H. E. Mgr.ANDARI [French] [English] [Spanish] [Italian]
testimony M and Mrs. BOTOLO [French] [English] [Spanish] [Italian]
testimony M and Mrs. VASIK [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Chaired by don Giancarlo QUADRI
25. Separated, Divorced and civilly remarried, in relation to work and celebration – Università Statale
Introduction and Conclusions by Mgr. Eugenio ZANETTI [Italian]
Speech by Mgr. Eugenio ZANETTI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
Speech by Emanuele SCOTTI [Italian] [French] [English] [Spanish]
testimony M and Mrs. JONES [English] [French] [Italian] [Spanish]

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