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The Life that Conquers Death  17/01/2016 The Life that Conquers Death
The maneuver intended, at the very beginning of this year, to make the Parliament approve a statement in favor of euthanasia has failed. This has been announced by the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE)
A Contagious Beauty  06/12/2015 A Contagious Beauty
Gigi De Palo is the new president of the Forum of Family Associations: "Representing the families of good will"
For the Common House  28/11/2015 For the Common House
Archbishop Paglia spoke at the XIIth International Forum of Environmental Journalism in Rieti
A Family Apostolate in South Africa  25/11/2015 A Family Apostolate in South Africa
The Marfam Association has been working for years, with specialized publications, to make the beauty of marriage and the family known to the country's society
For Gen  21/11/2015 For Gen
A new edition of the training course for parents is sponsored by the Family Associations of Umbria: the meetings will continue until March
Church and Marriage  07/11/2015 Church and Marriage
The 15th encounter of the Movimiento Familiar Cristiano focused on the family in the vocation and mission of the Church
Families for the Family  10/09/2015 Families for the Family
On Saturday, September 12th, the pilgrimage from Scafati-Pompei promoted by Renewal in the Holy Spirit
Eucharist, Marriage, Family  31/08/2015 Eucharist, Marriage, Family
The 66th Liturgical Week, in Bari, 27 - 30 August. Msgr. Catella: "From Sunday Mass, the Strength of the Spirit for the Family"
Couples Participating in Canção Nova's Meetings  03/08/2015 Couples Participating in Canção Nova's Meetings
From 24 to 26 July, the Community Canção Nova will hold the "Camp for Couples," with the theme "I receive you for my whole life," at its headquarters in Cachoeira Paulista (SP)
Desire for Family  08/07/2015 Desire for Family
From 2 to 5 July, the Pius XI Institute will host a meeting sponsored by the Forum of Family Associations in Lazio
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