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Gender and Constitutionality  26/10/2016 Gender and Constitutionality
In Bolivia, an appeal to make law that allows sex change unconstitutional
Renting the uterus  27/06/2016 Renting the uterus
In Portugal, Catholic jurists say: "The practice is contrary to human dignity"
Mitis Iudex  27/02/2016 Mitis Iudex
A two-week course devoted to the study of the reform of the canonical process of nullity will begin In May, in Rome
5th Meeting of the Portuguese-speaking Jurists  22/02/2016 5th Meeting of the Portuguese-speaking Jurists
Archbishop Paglia: "Present to the people of our time the values of the family"
The Family's Fortune  02/02/2016 The Family's Fortune
Voices from the Circo Massimo: The report of the families in the streets to defend their children's future
A Square Full of Beauty  02/02/2016 A Square Full of Beauty
Chronicle of the Family Day
The True Good of the Children  31/01/2016 The True Good of the Children
The President of the Republic of Portugal prohibits adoption by gay couples
Surrogate Motherhood  16/01/2016 Surrogate Motherhood
An interview with Domenico Coviello, director of the Laboratory of Human Genetics at Galliera Hospital in Genoa
 Mum, Dad & Kids  15/12/2015 "Mum, Dad & Kids"
The European Commission has said yes to the citizen initiative: The family is based on marriage between man and woman
Between State and Family  26/11/2015 Between State and Family
The eighth edition of the Wojtyla lectures will be held from November 30th to December 2nd, at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family
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