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The Family: Resource for Society   versione testuale
A Resource for Families  21/09/2015 A Resource for Families
The English Bishops propose a family guide full of experiences and references to the web: great little lights for domestic churches who are in difficulty or want to progress in their vocation
Marriage: A  Cure  Against Poverty?  02/09/2015 Marriage: A "Cure" Against Poverty?
Research confirms that the poverty rate is lower in traditional families
What Future for Our Children?  19/06/2015 What Future for Our Children?
Archbishop Paglia calls for commitment, imagination, and responsibility for the family
Reconcilable Realities  05/06/2015 Reconcilable Realities
The report on reconciling work and family prepared by "The Family Watch" has been presented in Madrid
Primary and Irreplaceable  22/05/2015 Primary and Irreplaceable
The results of the investigation on the family in Argentina, the US and Chile from the Expert Meeting held in Rome
Promote family to save the world  19/05/2015 Promote family to save the world
Arch Paglia at UN
No Discrimination  14/05/2015 No Discrimination
"Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Children’s Rights in Contemporary Families" is the central theme of this year’s UN International Day of Families
The Model of Every Business  21/04/2015 The Model of Every Business
In recent days, the book of the PCF "Famiglia prima impresa," entirely dedicated to highlighting the indissoluble union between the family and the economy, has been published.
A Ministry for the Family  16/01/2015 A Ministry for the Family
The proposal made by the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Cipriani Thorne: "To Facilitate Encounter" with ad hoc welfare
Society's Future  12/01/2015 Society's Future
The Archbishop of Madrid, Msgr. Carlos Osoro Sierra: "Supporting the family based on marriage to secure the future of humanity"
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