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Nativity of the Lord (Lk 2:1–14)   versione testuale
From the history of a small nation, Israel in Palestine, to the ends of the earth. The new People of the Lord is universal, even though it comes from the seed of David.

Facing the humble obscurity of Mary and Joseph, there is the universal power of the emperor who orders a census of the whole world. Caesar does not know that God will use it to bring about the fulfillment of the times of universal salvation. The big event is at the service of a smaller one, and all of history converges in the stable in Bethlehem, before Mary and Joseph who bend over their firstborn child. Has anything greater ever happened?
Nobody remembers the census; we have all been saved by the Birth of this first-born son, and history can time and again regain confidence and hope. Above all stand out the great humility and obedience of Mary and Joseph, rooted in the knowledge that everything is in the hands of the Father.
The shepherds are poor people. They keep watch in the night, guarding their flock. The angels frighten them, but they let themselves be enveloped and illuminated by the light. The news is for them: "For you is born", because the poor are the real recipients of this event. Today people are allowed to live on earth what is characteristic of heaven. The shepherds praise and glorify God just as the heavenly liturgy does. Isaiah had announced this: "A child is born for you." Indeed, every child that is born is Emmanuel, God with us and for us; and whenever a child is born, heaven continues speaking with the earth.
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