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January 1st - Mary, Mother of God (Lk 2: 16–21)   versione testuale
After contemplating the Son, today our gaze and our hearts are turned to Mary, Mother of Jesus God. A child and its mother are the protagonists of each birth; this is even truer in this unique and extraordinary birth: a virgin gives birth to the Son of God and becomes his Mother.

Paul VI chose to make this day the World Day of Peace, because it takes an abundance of joy and celebration to convince the world that peace is essential to the brotherhood of humanity. Who can do this better than Mary, the Queen of Peace?
Having heard the voices of angels, the shepherds went to the stable and found that unique family: a righteous man, a virgin, and the Son of God. Up to that moment, Mary and Joseph were the only ones to know the Son's mystery. God was once again the one who revealed it to people as humble, simple and meek as sheep they kept.
Mary observes everything and keeps it in her heart. She also learns and grows in understanding through the shepherds' faith; by keeping everything in her heart, she knows what is happening and is able to grow thanks to the faith of the most humble, while remaining silent in order to listen to the simple and even to sinners. Mary is attentive to the messages and their meaning, and she keeps them in the heart, pondering on them. Mary is also the "Mother" of all believers. She is filled with peace, because the fatherly face of God has been revealed to her, the Abba who can always be invoked, including in the hours of agony. If Abba is the Father's name, Jesus, the Son, is Jeshu'ah, a name that indicates liberation, salvation, help and rescue. Now, he’s just a baby in a manger, in need of help, care and hospitality; and, nevertheless, the shepherds see him as one who has been announced: Jeshu'ah.
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