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Mercy for the Embryos   versione testuale
In a new Pastoral Letter Msgr. Juan Antonio Reig Pla, Bishop of Alcala de Henares (Spain), calls for mercy to all, including the most helpless

"Mercy for all, even for the embryos" is the title of a pastoral letter published recently by the Bishop of Alcalá de Henares, Msgr. Juan Antonio Reig Pla.
The document, inscribed in the heart of Lent and in the context of the Jubilee of Mercy, has as its ultimate horizon the upcoming Day for Life, which will be celebrated in April.
Bishop Reig received inspiration for his letter from an article that he read last February 2nd in the newspaper. It was a report on "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority" (HFEA) which had been approved in the UK at the request, expressed by the research group of Dr. Kathy Niakan of the "Francis Crick Institute", to renew the license of her laboratory research, which includes "editing the genes" of human embryos, in other words their genetic manipulation.
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