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Against All Violence   versione testuale
The Message of Paraguay's Bishops for the "Day of the Paraguayan Woman"

The condemnation of the "gestures of male violence against women, girls and adolescents," as one of the "great evils of our society," together with the call addressed to the competent institutions "to act firmly against these deeds and to improve policies that promote women's rights against all forms of violation. We urge all people of good will to promote life, human dignity, especially of women." This was the appeal made by the Bishops' Conference of Paraguay (CEP) on February 24th, on the occasion of the "Day of the Paraguayan Woman." This event commemorates the first Assembly of American Women, which was held in Paraguay on February 24th, 1967, in the context of the "Triple Alliance War." The Bishops' statement recalled the fundamental role of women in the transmission of the Gospel and in the pastoral work of the Church as well as their historic contribution to the life of Paraguay's society.
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