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Let Us Defend Jesus’ Family   versione testuale
LThe Pastoral Letter of the Slovak Bishops on the first Sunday of Advent, for the defense of life and the family

The Slovak Bishops published a Pastoral Letter largely dedicated to the promotion of the values of life and the family.
«The most precious thing that God has given to this world and to man is life—we read in the opening lines—. God has set certain conditions and established laws that protect life. When we respect them, life blossoms and blooms; but when someone acts against these divine laws, the culture of death produces new sprouts».
Moreover: «God has given man the family. God desires that every human being comes into this world in a loving and well-ordered family communion. When this is not so, it is due to tragic circumstances or human failures. Each person experiences happiness within the family. Every phase of human happiness is guarded by a well-ordered family».
«The family is an institution founded by God. Consequently, man can never completely destroy it». He can, however, «spoil it and this is already happening in the world today». Whoever works against life and the family is an agent of a «culture of death» that leads to the undermining of the meanings of terms such as “right” and “protection of children”, while favoring the promotion of «a new ideology of gender» and trying «to convince us that no one exists in nature as a man or as a woman, thus depriving the man of his identity as a man, the woman of her identity as a woman, the family of its identity as a family, so that a man can no longer feel like a man nor a woman like a woman, and marriage is no longer the exclusive communion between a man and a woman». «In this way—the Bishops of Slovakia write—they introduce a kind of sodomitic mockery that contradicts the will of God and calls for divine punishment».
We also read this in the Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia: «For unimaginable reasons the representatives of different countries are placed in the degrading servile attitude of the proponents of the culture of death and sometimes pass laws that contradict common sense. These representatives have lost all their moral self-esteem, and not only do they make their own nations lose their dignity, but they also expose them to destruction».
Finally, the prelates write to the people of God: «In this time of Advent and Christmas, God shows us very clearly what the family means to Him. When He sent His Son into this world, He did not assure him a luxurious palace or lavish banquets, but He gave him a well-ordered family in which to be born. The Holy Family of Nazareth should inspire us to do everything that is possible in order to defend and support our families. Just as the family of Nazareth has protected the newborn child by fleeing to Egypt, we also must look after, at all costs, the healthy development of all children and shield them from the dangerous “gender ideology”».
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