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The new Familia et Vita has been published   versione testuale
In the first issue of 2014, all the most recent interventions of Pope Francis on the family are assembled

The latest issue of Familia et Vita (1/2014), entitled “Rights of the family, challenges of the contemporary world, new anthropological horizons,” has appeared. The 325-page volume opens with a first part dedicated entirely to Pope Francis and his recent interventions on the fundamental cell of society: from his letter to the families up to the address to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Family. This is followed, in the second and dense third parts, by contributions of Italian and international authors—such as Laura Palazzani, Francesco D'Agostino, Frank Pavone and Jean Baptiste Sourou—and, then, by a fourth part featuring a text by the President of the PCF, Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, focused on the current relationship between new anthropological horizons and family ministry: "It’s essential to develop a new culture of marriage and the family—writes the President—that, while deepening the theological dimension, is able to grasp also the novelties of today's society (I have in mind the increased awareness of the dignity of man and woman, who have their own particular subjectivity), without condemning them, but considering them as the initial condition to which we should respond by releasing all the positive potentials present."
The theme of heterologous artificial fertilization, particularly debated in several countries, is discussed in two articles of the periodical that can be downloaded below.
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