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Against All Logic
The Chilean Bishops‘ Conference says "No" to the law project on abortion

"The embryo is a person with dignity, who deserves respect and is a subject of rights." Consequently, the Chilean Bishops‘ Conference firmly rejected the bill on abortion presented recently by the country’s President, Michelle Bachelet.
In an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio and also published by Vatican Radio, the president of the Chilean Bishops‘ Conference, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, declares that "abortion is a practice that goes against all logic," noting that "a child is not only a part of the mother, but it is a unique being. Therefore, life must be defended from conception, the only definable biological origin. "The proposed legislation aims to decriminalize abortion when pregnancy endangers the mother‘s life, when the fetus has malformations incompatible with life, and if the mother is a rape victim.
"The state should allow the expression of different identities and missions of hospitals. A doctor cannot be force to act against his conscience," he adds, referring to the fact that the bill aims to make the law mandatory for all hospitals, including Catholic ones.
Finally, Card. Ezzati hopes that "legislators, government leaders and health professionals, who are mindful of human dignity and of the foundation of our people in the family, will defend and protect these principles against abominable crimes such as abortion and euthanasia, since this is their responsibility. Faced with laws and government regulations that are unjust in the light of faith and reason–he concludes–we must encourage conscientious objection."
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