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The Full Form of Love
Trieste, the Diocesan Commission "Bachelet" intervenes on gender theory and the educational role of schools

"Here, the respect due to all people is not at stake, but rather the rejection of some of the values that the community believes must be protected publicly, because they express its very reason of being." These words were written by the Diocesan Commission "Vittorio Bachelet" for Catholic education, schools and universities, of the Diocese of Trieste, in its report on "Sexual Identity, Life and the Family: Educational Tasks of the School." "It is quite clear that the foundation of any society is not composed of two individuals of the same sex, but of a heterosexual couple open to life. If this were not the case—clarifies the Commission—there would not be, in society, complementarity and mutual acceptance between beings sexually defined as ‘male‘ and ‘female‘, but only juxtaposition, and the community would not reproduce in a natural way." It is in light of these reasons that, for the Commission, "society cannot equate all sexual paths, but it must protect and promote the natural couple, because it alone is truly the fundamental cell of society."

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