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A conference on the natural regulation of fertility for new perspectives in family planning

The press conference of the World Congress on the natural regulation of fertility, scheduled from 11 to 14 June in Milano, will be held on 27 May, at 12:00 pm, at the University of Milano-Bicocca.
"The Congress—the promoters explain—is subdivided into various series of meetings, addressed to the different sectors of the participants. There will be scientific sessions intended especially for teachers of natural regulation, gynecologists, doctors, midwives, and scholars. Sessions on anthropology, culture and ethics are designed for educators, operators of family counseling centers, and for all those who, in the broader work of protecting the family, promote the natural regulation of fertility; this will allow them to get an overview of the studies done over the past years, to know about different experiences and hear testimonies of how it is lived by couples." Moreover, there is also a third series of meetings, for the public, specially aimed at young people, young couples, and educators, proposing the appeal of natural regulation of fertility. Finally, a fourth series of meetings is intended for medical staff, so that all can get a deeper understanding of the impact of NFR in their daily work.
There will be more than 100 speakers, 9 scientific sessions, 6 workshops, a symposium on the experiences of the integration of evangelization of marital intimacy in diocesan and parish catechesis, as well as two round tables on "The catechists of the family" and eleven testimonies from all continents. Thus, the Congress will give people the opportunity to learn about the action of associations around the world that give new strength, courage, and enthusiasm to the activities of the natural regulation of fertility.
For information and the program, see: www.2015NFPCongress.org  

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