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Among Poor Families
A seminar of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute recently dealt with the issue of specialized pastoral care in particularly difficult social contexts

"Pastoral commitment with poor and marginalized families" is the title of the seminar held in recent days by the couple Benito Baranda and Maria Lorena Cornejo at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome. Its objective was to teach how to support families in difficulty more efficiently.
From 5 to 20 May, the course trained pastoral agents and families themselves, so that, with an integral perspective, they may understand the situation of those living in poverty and social exclusion. The primary purpose of the meetings was in fact to help the participants to more appropriately and effectively do their pastoral work within this difficult context.
The two spouses who conducted the seminar contributed their special note: indeed, both of them, after obtaining a Master‘s degrees at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute and inspired by the figure of St. Albert Hurtado, have devoted almost 30 years of their lives to accompanying, with dignity and love, the poorest of the poor in the outskirts of Santiago.

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