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What Future for Our Children?
Archbishop Paglia calls for commitment, imagination, and responsibility for the family

A message, entirely consecrated to the future of society and young people, was sent by the President of the Pontifical Council, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, to the organizers of the event "We defend our children." This gathering, which will be held on Saturday, 20 June, in Rome, intends to defend the institution of marriage, the family composed of a man and a woman, and the right of children to have a mother and a father as well as to receive an education consistent with this principle in schools.
"We ask ourselves: What future are we preparing for our children, for the new generations?" says the President, who then stated that marriage "is a social capital in which to invest attention, reflection, and energy."
If the question of the family is crucial for the good of the people and human society as a whole, then—concluded Bishop Paglia—"it is urgent and necessary that the governments of our countries to commit themselves, with imagination and responsibility, to creating opportunities and occasions that will help the young generations and encourage them to found a family and have children."

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