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"Under the Sign of Graduality"
Cardinal Kasper has reelaborated and updated an article expressing his thought about remarried divorcees

"A realistic theology of marriage should consider failure and the possibility of forgiveness," stated Cardinal Walter Kasper in an article published in recent days by the German magazine Stimmen der Zeit (Voices of the time).
Taking up once gain and updating hus suggestion remarried divorcees, the cardinal emphasizes the possiblity of readmission to the Eucharist after a period of penance, under the supervision of the Bishop, for the person concerned who, with the support of his confessor, objectively recognizes his situation and his sin.
After recalling how many specialists consider certain and clear Jesus‘ words on the indissolubility of marriage, Cardinal Kasper says in his article that what was said by the Lord on this issue "is not a ‘legal sentence,‘ but rather a principle that Church, with the help of the authority given to Her by Christ, to bind and loose, must apply in the context of changing cultural situations."
Concerning the concept of the indissolubility of marriage, he specifically says, "This is a great convincing concept. However, it should not lead to an idealization that is far-removed from everyday life." For the Cardinal, Christian marriage, with respect to the bond between Christ and the Church, "cannot fully realize this mystery, but it can do so only in a fragmentary form... the spouses remain on the path, and they are under the sign of graduality."
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