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Cardinal Ennio Antonelli speaks about the divorcees: "For them, God‘s mercy"

"They are loyal, and often heroic, the separated who choose not to get remarried but to remain faithful to their marriage, which is indissoluble. This is true witness to the meaning of love as a gift of self, as is that of Christ, who said, ‘Love one another as I have loved you.‘ With his help, we too can do this." Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for the Family, spoke these words a few days ago during an interview for the agency ACI Prensa, after the publication of his book "Crisi del matrimonio ed eucarestia" (Crisis of marriage and Eucharist).
The couple of divorcees, remarried and living together, "are part of the Church, even if they are not in full communion with Her," he said noting that there are "many remarried divorcees who go to Mass without receiving communion. There are many. Those who really know the teachings of the Church know they can also rely on God‘s mercy." The Church‘s mission in this sense is "to put these people on the path of trust in God‘s mercy", accompanying them with "friendship, brotherhood, hospitality, advice, prayer and listening to the Word, and integrating them in charitable activities."
With respect to the next Synod, the Cardinal does not expect "a revolution or immobility. There will be a new development, but in line with the teachings of mentioned above and with the pastoral teaching of John Paul II."
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