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Bearing witness to Christ‘s Spousal Love
Complementing his recent book "The Marriage Crisis and the Eucharist," Cardinal Antonelli speaks out again in the debate on the problem of the Eucharist for remarried divorcees.

The President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for the Family, after his text recently published by Ares, "The Marriage Crisis and the Eucharist," returns to the topic, with his attention focused on a point that he considers decisive: the objective contradiction between the second union after a marital failure and the mission of the Church as the universal sacrament of salvation.
"With a second union―writes Cardinal Antonelli― people completely reject God’s irrevocable gift and find themselves in absolute contradiction with the indissolubility of marriage." Furthermore, if the Church were to grant the Eucharistic communion to remarried divorcees without requiring conversion, she would recognize as licit the second marriage and negate, in her pastoral practice, the indissolubility of marriage. Given that the Eucharistic communion is a public, ecclesial act―unlike spiritual communion, which is an individual interior act―"the Church would add her counter-witness to that of the person living conjugally with another who is not his/her spouse."

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