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Ricardo Grzona of the Ramon Pané Foundation has designed a program of exegesis for the family

A program in the service of the evangelization of the family has been developed by Ricardo Grzona, President of the Foundation Ramon Pane, in the form of a mini-course of exegesis suited to the times and the language of the contemporary family.
The history of every family is marked by crucial milestones and existential passages: marriage, the birth of the first child, the beginning of school, economic hardship or unemployment. "Every time one moves into a new phase, there is a temporal void, a feeling of heaviness with no way out. In these cases, says Grzona, the rediscovery of the centrality of God‘s Word in one‘s life is a path for the family that can create a new balance within the group."
The program, which started in Mexico with a campaign that involved five hundred families for eight weeks in exercises of lectio divina with the New Testament and translated material, has so far produced good results, says its creator, "far beyond the expectations. I have personally seen what has happened in the places where we arrived with the project. It is necessary to help people to get to know the Scriptures a little better, not only with classes and biblical workshops, but even with all that the Bible implies for the life and the mission of the Church. In this sense—he explains—, a key aspect that has emerged in the working groups is that the Word of God is the basis for prayer. I insist on this: we Catholics know how to say our prayers but we do not know how to ‘pray‘; we do not have the practice of prayer."
"When I presented this program to Pope Francis—says Grzona—he asked, ‘Do you speak Tagalog?‘. I said ‘no,‘ and the Pope replied: ‘Neither do I; but that did not stop me from communicating with seven million people in the Philippines during the trip there.‘" So far the project has been developed in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and Tagalog. At present, a project for Africa is being studied, and "at the end of September—announced the president of the Ramon Pané Foundation—, we will present, in Italy, material for studying the role of the family in society and give families the opportunity to talk about the challenges and blessings that concern them."

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