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God or Nothing
The sacredness of life, marriage and the sanctity of the family in a book-length interview with the Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah

"Africa saved the Holy Family, and in these modern times, it will also save the human family," said the Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, in La Croix du Benin, during his visit during the national Marian pilgrimage to Dassa-Zoumé. Simultaneously, at the Rimini Meeting, his book-length interview "God or Nothing. Conversation about Faith with Nicolas Diat" was presented.
From the drama of sex abuse by members of the clergy to the great issues of the post-modern world, which lives as if God did not exist, the interview with the journalist contains dense pages on politics, intertwined with the Cardinal‘s personal history and that of the Church in Guinea. In the chapter dedicated to the family under the titled "Cornerstones and false values," he speaks about the pastoral challenges realted to the defense of the sacredness of life, the sacramental nature of marriage, and the sanctity of the family. The Cardinal finally declares that his concern "especially raised by how some States and international organizations are trying to impose in all possible ways, often with forced stages, the destructive philosophy called ‘gender’."

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