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The Right to be Born
Portugal has limited the abortion law thanks to the efforts of a Catholic association

A significant victory for life, the dignity of women, and the value of responsible motherhood was gained thanks to the efforts of an association of citizens, "Legislative initiative of citizens - For the right to be born," involved nearly 50 thousand Portuguese, whose signatures have backed a law in support of motherhood and fatherhood. Consequently, in July, at the last legislative session, the Portuguese Republic passed a bill containing several measures amending the law that has regulated abortion since 2007.
According to the new Law, which supports motherhood and fatherhood, the latter are considered eminent social values, so that there can be no discrimination against a woman because she is pregnant nor against a man because he has to take care of young children. Henceforth, when a woman goes to a clinic where abortions are practiced, she will have the right to be informed about all the existing social measures supporting motherhood and to receive psychological support during the period of reflection. Finally, the declaration of conscientious objection cannot be registered or published nor lead to sanctions.

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