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The Danger of Bureaucratic Formalism
Card. Erdo presented the Introductory Report for the work of the Synod. Among other points, he highlighted the change in human behavior and assistance for families and marriages in crisis

A worldwide anthropological change. This expression was used by the General Relator of the Synod, Cardinal Péter Erdő, in his Introductory Report on October 5th, at the First General Congregation.
If in fact, there still are traditional situations—although they are quite new because they are globalized and interdependent—that prevent the formation of a family, precisely the effects of the climate change and environmental issues linked to social injustice and war, while "in the most wealthy regions of the world, there is another simple phenomenon, not independent of it first and also in other parts of the world, i.e., the so-called "anthropological change," which risks to become "anthropological reductionism." The person in quest of his/her own freedom often tries to be independent of any bonds, including sometimes even religious ties that constitute a bond with God, and social ties, especially those connected with the institutional forms of life. Indeed, life in society, and especially those called developed, is in danger of being smothered by bureaucratic formalism," by the anxiety of constantly increasing institutionalized control that corresponds to the disappearance of goods and values sacrificed by each person to individualism.
The General Relator then presented to the Synod Fathers the other issues that they will face in this October‘s intense days: firstly, the indissolubility of marriage, a "gift" and certainly not a "yoke;" the preparation of cohabiting or civilly married people for the sacrament of marriage; reception and closeness to marriages and families in crisis; the impediment to the reception of Holy Communion by remarried divorcees; the way of penance connected to continence of remarried divorcees; to help these people and support their children; material support to poor families; acceptance and respect for homosexuals, with the refusal to equate their union to marriage; bio-technology and the exploitation of the female body; procreation and birth; and the sanctity of life.
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