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"This is not a parliament"
Opening the synod, Pope Francis warns its members against relegating the assistance of the Holy Spirit to the background

The first General Congregation of the XIV Ordinary Assembly of Bishops on the family began on October 5th with the report of the Secretary General of the Synod, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri.
Before the Synod Fathers and Pope Francis, the Secretary recalled that this is a moment of grace for the Church, remembering the long journey that has led to facing this new insight into the contemporary world. The Holy Father, in his speech to the assembly, then highlighted the three keynotes that accompany their work and keep it from becoming a "parliament": these are, in particular, apostolic courage, evangelical humility and confident prayer.
Then, followed the Greeting by the President Delegate, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, and the Introductory Report of the General Relator, Cardinal Péter Erdő.

The Report of the Secretary-General

The Address of Pope Francis

The Greeting of the President Delegate

The Introductory Report of the General Relator

Apertura del Sinodo dei Vescovi sulla Famiglia 2015

Relazione introduttiva al Sinodo sulla Famiglia

Conferenza stampa sulla prima sessione dei lavori del Sinodo sulla famiglia

Veglia di preghiera per il Sinodo sulla Famiglia

Santa Messa per l‘apertura del Sinodo sulla Famiglia

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