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Mercy in the Law, Walking Together
Start with mercy and then apply the principles. This is the order that the Father General of the Jesuits, a member of the Committee for the Final Report of the Assembly, invited his listeners to follow in the synodal discussion

Father Adolfo Nicolas, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has no doubts: in order to make theory and mercy – apparently so antithetical – converge, we must "make room for mercy in the law. For, the law, as we have it in the Church today, is not always also merciful. The law has principles that must be clear. Mercy, on the contrary, is not clear; it always has some ambiguity, because it is impossible to know the depth of the human heart, its weaknesses. Charity cannot be standardized. I have in mind Paul VI, who said to the priests: these are the principles, but please be pastors; accompany people in their reality. Others, on the contrary, have said and say: you have to be pastors, but these are the principles. Apparently, this is the same, but the order is reversed."
Fr. Nicolas stated this in an interview for the Corriere della Sera, entirely focused on the Synod, that we present as a forerunner in a dossier on the Assembly of Bishops, which relates in particular, with the statements of some of the protagonists (Cardinal Shönborn, Cardinal Di Nardo, and Msgr. Phiri), the days of 6 and 7 October.
The Superior General of the Jesuits, one of the members of the Committee appointed by the Pope to write the final report of the Synod, then spoke of the style adopted by the Holy Father, always on the road with others, never alone, "Of course, he could go faster alone. He could be a ‘star,‘ especially now that he has the support of the people. But that is not what he wants. He does not care about being a ‘star‘ and, if you walk alone, then the undertow comes. On the contrary, Francis wants to walk with the bishops, to know what they think, and to convince them through these synodal experiences. He wants the good of the Church, and the Church needs time to change."

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